My story

“Joy to me looks like having a spring in my step and hope in my heart every day. I have that in my life now.”

My story

“There’s no joy in it”. 


Those were the words I uttered to my coach.  I wasn’t sure where the words came from, they just tipped out of my mouth.


“What does joy look like to you?”


A great question but one I didn’t have the answer to.


I’d had a career in the public and charity sectors over two decades.  I was in a well paid job, had the lifestyle that went with it, but felt really lost, exhausted and trapped, feeling that I was without choice or options.  I had no energy to think about doing anything different.


“I just need to get on with it”


I felt I shouldn’t complain – I had a lovely family, a lovely home – I hoped that tomorrow, next week, next month would be better.  I got on with it for while but it didn’t work out well for me.


My health hadn’t been so great for a couple of years, nothing significant, some minor niggles, infections, courses of antibiotics.  I was tired a lot.


And then it all caught up with me.


I took proper sick leave for the first time in my working life.  The GP said I was exhausted. 


In the midst of this, I sought coaching.  It was the best thing I did and the first step to changing my life. 


My coach helped me to see that I feared losing the status that I thought my work gave me.  I liked being the person other people came to, always having the answer, taking responsibility for everything and everyone.


After a few sessions of coaching something changed. 


It took me a while to work out that the change was me.  The decision was made.   I was moving forward to something new.


I’d trained as an internal coach in the organisation I worked for.  I’d used coaching skills with the people I worked with and had always enjoyed the opportunity to help people develop and grow.


I left my job and started my coach training. 


People have always told me how calm I am.  The only difference these days is that I feel it.


You can find out more about my career and qualifications here.  


So to answer my coach’s question, joy to me looks like having a spring in my step and hope in my heart every day.  I have that in my life now. 


I am now a Full Time Coach and I hope, through coaching, to help others find their joy too.

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