Coaching for Managers

Management Coaching : helping Managers identify their strengths and values and discover their management style.

Who is the management coaching programme for?

This coaching programme is right for you if you are :


An experienced Manager.


Feeling exhausted dealing with the day to day management tasks, expectations, team dynamics, and organisational politics.


Feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself.


Ready to take a fresh look at how things are going.


Want to discover ways to do things differently.


In your first management role.


New to an organisation.


Recently been promoted.


You want to develop a positive management style.

What does the management coaching programme cover?

We will build a picture of you, the context and culture of your working environment, your key relationships at work and how it all fits together.


establish your strengths and values, your preferred way of working and how others perceive you.


deal with challenges you’re facing currently and anticipate future challenges too.

What will I get out of it?

You’ll gain a broader understanding and perspective of yourself and your relationships with others, increase your confidence, get time to reflect, and be ready for your next step – whatever that may be.


learn to understand what’s happening when things don’t go to plan or seem more difficult than they should be.


have a better idea about who you are, or who you want to be as a manager.  

How does the management coaching programme work?

We meet for our coaching sessions online (Skype or Zoom) or on the phone. 


For organisations interested in making the coaching programme available for their managers then sessions can be delivered either online (Skype / Zoom), on the phone, or face to face in the employee’s workplace.  

What’s the frequency of the coaching sessions?

I suggest coaching sessions for this programme are monthly (6 sessions over a 6 month period) to give time to reflect and try things out between sessions.


There will also be some work to do between sessions.  

What will I get for my investment?

My full and undivided attention in our sessions and support in between sessions by email.


You’ll benefit from my supportive challenge and objectivity.


Someone in your corner who isn’t your partner or your friend.


Add to that my 20 plus years experience of managing people, teams and projects.


The space to say what’s really on your mind without being judged and the time to reflect and say how you really feel.

Price guide

The 6 Session Coaching programme delivered online (Skype / Zoom) or on the phone is £540 for 6 sessions.


For organisations interested in offering coaching to their managers, the coaching programme can be delivered either online (Skype / Zoom), on the phone, or in the employee’s workplace*.


*For coaching delivered in the workplace a half / full day rate will be quoted taking into account specific circumstances and geography.

When are coaching sessions available?

Sessions are available weekdays.

Is what we talk about in sessions confidential?

I maintain 100% confidentiality to the fullest extent of the law; and so long as I don’t fear for you or another’s safety.

I’m interested in knowing more. What’s the first step?

Book a free Discovery call and we can take it from there.

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