I found you easy to engage with. I felt listened to, respected and valued. Coaching with you gave me an opportunity to reflect on the difficult challenges I had in managing a team with significant established dynamics and develop my leadership style to manage effectively. You were able to challenge me in a constructive way - your probing questions (constructed from listening and understanding) were helpful in opening up my perspectives on issues and developing a way forward. I was able to take the thinking from the coaching sessions into my role and develop strategies to manage difficult scenarios - this was was really helpful in building my confidence to challenge in a constructive way.


I first heard about Karen through doing a Google search for life coaches locally and I read reviews on her website which were all positive. I was looking to change careers so Karen helped me to hone in on what I wanted to do and how I would get there - she helped to think outside the box and recognise what was holding me back in my progress to change careers. Working with Karen was very positive - she is a great listener and asks the right questions to get the most out of each coaching session. She pushed me to really focus and not procrastinate which is easily done! I've managed to secure a volunteering opportunity to gain experience in the sector that I want to move into and I wouldn't have done that without Karen's help. I'd definitely recommend Karen as a life coach.


Working with you was relaxed, informal and enjoyable. You helped me cope with some strong emotions around work and studying.


Karen was really easy to chat to and thoughtful in her approach. I was thinking through some different options career wise and the coaching with Karen gave me the time and opportunity to reflect on what I wanted to achieve and talk through strategies to apply. Karen is a great listener. She has a calm and thought-provoking style of coaching that I really liked. I would highly recommend Karen to you if you’re at one of those cross roads like me and need some time and constructive support to think things through.


I was quite anxious about letting someone else “eyeball” my business. I needn’t have worried. Karen’s warm and naturally empathic manner put me at ease straight away, as did the fact that she always let me say what I wanted to say in every session without ever making me feel rushed or controlled in any way. She held me accountable but in very much a “carrot” not a “stick” way which is exactly what I needed. I would definitely recommend Karen as a coach to anyone. She helped to give me the courage and confidence to make some quite important and dramatic changes in my business life and to let go of some things that were “cluttering up” the business and also my personal life.


Working with Karen feels like having a fairy godmother! She is patient, supportive, encouraging and funny. Since working with Karen I’ve found a new job, improved my relationship with myself and family and friends and am making progress towards the future I want.


When I began coaching I was in a dark, foggy, muddled place. I was trying to deal with several stressful situations in my life simultaneously and it was too much. I was feeling stuck and trapped. Karen has a very natural and calming style, and I felt I could tell her anything without being judged. She is very patient and gently encourages you without it feeling pressurising in any way. Sessions always felt very natural and I always looked forward to them. I am laughing more now, and feel lighter, so this can only be a good sign! Karen is a brilliant coach!


Karen coaches managers at the charity I work at and gets great feedback about her coaching style from our employees. They say she is calm and collected and asks questions that really get you thinking and looking in the right direction. From an organisational standpoint she is very responsive and always gets back to me quickly . I feel that she really understands the organisation in order for staff to feel comfortable with her. I would highly recommend working with her.


I have been working with Karen over the past year and find her calm, thoughtful approach of great value. She is a good listener and asks incisive questions which have really helped me get clarity in my thinking on a number of business issues. I would highly recommend working with her.


I found our sessions so helpful and will definitely take some of what I learnt into the future. You are so warm and genuine, just the sort of coach I need and have a wonderful ability to gently encourage me to reflect and ‘dig deeper’.


I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and think you are a fantastic coach, such a lovely calming manner yet challenging at the same time, loved it!


I started coaching with Karen after being made redundant from a job I thought I loved. Karen helped me recognise what great experience I have, my strengths and values, and my priorities for moving forward. I am now working for an employer whose values align more closely with mine. Coaching helped me to realise that I wanted to take a step back and I’m now enjoying life outside of work. Coaching wasn’t always easy but I learned a lot about myself and it was certainly worthwhile.


I would recommend Karen to anyone seeking a true professional that will help, challenge and support you in achieving your goals. Her manner makes it easy to feel relaxed, but she will also hold you accountable along the way!


Working with Karen made a huge difference to my life. She gave me the confidence to really push forward with my business and give up a job that was not fulfilling me. She also helped me to work out practical steps I can take to move towards the life I want.


Karen really made me think, she has a great skill of asking very little, but making you open your own mind.


I would highly recommend Karen as the conversations we had were not only highly enjoyable but she asked the right questions that made me change my perspective on multiple challenges I had. By talking together, I managed to overcome quite a few mental blocks and felt invigorated after each call.


I would definitely recommend Karen as a coach. She is very understanding and makes you feel really at ease. She is great at drawing information out of you and allowing you to see the answers for yourself. I feel so much better now about myself and what I can do.


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