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Stop Procrastinating

Do you want to stop procrastinating?

Do you hesitate, waver, delay, dawdle, dilly dally or whatever else you want to call it?

Do you put off doing something you need (or want) to do and you’re not sure why.

According to ‘research’ my star sign is right up there at the top of the list when it comes to dilly dallying. Aquarians are the most likely of all the star signs to procrastinate. Self doubt means that they self-sabotage themselves by introducing the idea of failure.

I’m not sure about star signs but I do dilly dally and dawdle sometimes and I can overthink things.

I describe what I do as circling. It’s a form of avoidance. I sometimes draw up a system to do the thing that I need to do without doing the thing itself. It’s very frustrating. But I recognise when it happens and I’ve learned to do something about it.

I’ve seen it in the people I work with too.  

It’s helpful to notice when you procrastinate and why.  

Here’s a few of the reasons for procrastination that have come up in my work.

Fear : You might worry about what people will think, about failing or looking silly or stupid. Hiding and not doing the thing means you haven’t failed yet. You’re keeping yourself safe.

Boredom : The thing you need to do doesn’t interest you. But it’s something that you need to get done or you’ll be in big trouble.

Self-doubt : Yes, that inner critic.

It feels uncomfortable : It’s outside of your comfort zone which is a bit scary. It’s a stretch for you.  Not doing it is keeping you safe.

Thinking about it sends you into a panic : It becomes a big scary monster. It seems too big to tackle so you try to ignore it.

You don’t know where to start : It seems too big a mountain to climb all in one go.

There’s isn’t a deadline to work to : You keep putting it off.  There isn’t anyone to answer to (other than yourself) so you’ve no accountability.

Does procrastination do you any good?

Well it might keep you safe but it doesn’t help you to learn, or move on, or do new things. It’s not serving you very well.

Instead, you might miss opportunities. You might look like you’re not interested. You might have to rush at the last minute to meet a deadline. You stay in your comfort zone not moving forward.  

And that thing that you need to do doesn’t go away. It ends up seeming a bigger thing to carry around. Sitting on your shoulder reminding you that you’ve not done it. It’s exhausting and guilt sets in.

When it happens to me I sit and write down the answer to these questions.

What am I worried about?

What am I avoiding?

What are the consequences of delaying?

What will happen if you don’t do it?  

What will happen if you do it?

What might happen if you don’t do it?  

What might happen if you do it?

Where can I make a start to stop procrastinating?

If you want some help to stop procrastinating

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