Should I quit my job?

Should I quit my job?

During my career I’ve quit a couple of jobs without having another job to go to. The first time was years ago and I moved on.  The second time was later in my career and had more of an impact on me.

But I’m curious why you’re asking the question and what’s bought you to this point.

Have you already got a Plan B? Are you planning to start your own business.  Or do you want to take some time off to do something different? Are you waiting for exactly the right time to quit and wondering when that will be?

Or, there’s no Plan B.  You’re fed up with your job.  It’s making you unhappy and you’re tempted to walk away. I’ve been there too.

So what’s stopping you walking away? There are usually some practical reasons why we stay in jobs that we don’t like. 

You might have rent or a mortgage to pay.  Or people that depend on you.  And although you hate your job you it gives you the security of a monthly income.

Are you worried about what other people will think? You’re not usually a quitter.   

Has your current situation affected your confidence?   You don’t think you could get another job?  And you haven’t got the energy to try.

So what’s going on for you?

Have you asked yourself why you want to quit? The real deep down reason. Is it to do with the organisation?  Your boss?  Your colleagues?  The actual work?  The pay?  The commute?  Or something else?

Have you talked to anyone about how you feel? Is there a conversation to be had?

If you can’t quit then what could you do instead?

I’ve been there, and with the benefit of hindsight I would do it differently.

Find yourself some quiet time and space to sit down and tell yourself the story of the job. 

Write it down if it helps.

How long have you been in the job?

What were your wishes and dreams when you started? 

How did you feel about it then?

What’s changed?

Was the job ever a good fit for you?

Is this a new feeling for you or have you felt like this before?

The Wheel of Work exercise helps you think about what you need in a job to work at your best.  It will show where the gaps are at the moment and what you might look for in the future.

Should I quit my job?

A couple of times in my career I felt that I’d had enough and took the decision to walk away from a job.  If I’d had the right tools to help me at the time I would have done things differently.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job then book a free call. 

I can help you think through your next steps.