Need to get something done? Ask yourself these questions

Need to get something done? Ask yourself these questions

I’ve spoken to 3 people over the last couple of weeks who’ve all said the same thing.

“I know what I need to do but I’m just not doing it.”

There are lots of reasons why we put things off.

We might be scared, think we might fail, or be worried about what other people will think.

Sometimes it’s difficult just to get started.

Sometimes things might feel overwhelming.

Work through these questions to get stuff done :

1. What’s the thing I’m putting off?

Be specific! Write it down if it helps.

Here’s some possible scenarios to help get you thinking :

I need to find a new job
I need to launch a Facebook page / website / workshop for my business
I need to book an Optician’s appointment

2. Why do I need to do it?

It’s important to understand the reason you need to do something – you’re more likely to do it then.  It might be something like

I feel really unhappy in my current job
I need to take the next step in my career
I need more clients in my business
I’m getting headaches and I think I need new glasses

3. What’s stopping me doing it?

Do you know what’s getting in the way? Be honest with yourself.

I don’t know where to start
I’m too comfortable where I am
It all feels a bit too much
I feel overwhelmed
I can’t get myself organised to do it
It just seems like a chore
It’s going to be expensive!

4. What will happen if I don’t do it?

What’s the consequence of not doing it. There’s a few possibilities.

For example :

Nothing will change
I’ll still be stuck in the job I don’t like
I won’t progress in my career
My business won’t grow
My headaches will just get worse

5. What might happen if I do it?

For example :

I might find a new job
More people will know about me and my business and I might get more clients or make more sales
I’ll be able to work without getting a headache

6. What one step could I take towards it?

Pick a small step to start with. Something like :

Picking up the phone to the recruitment agency
Updating your CV
Gathering together any necessary paperwork
Putting pen to paper with ideas for your Facebook page / website / workshop
Making an appointment with the Optician

7. How long will it take me to do that one step?

Pick something that takes 30 minutes or less to start with

If you don’t know how long it will take then allow up to 30 minutes for this first step

8. When can I get it done?

If you think the first step will take less than 5 minutes – do it now.

If you think it will take longer than 30 minutes – then book in some time today or tomorrow when you won’t get disturbed or distracted. Don’t put it off longer than tomorrow though!

If you don’t know how long it could take then book in 30 minutes, set a timer, and see how far you get.

(You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in 30 minutes)

9. Is it sorted now or are there some more steps I need to take?

If it’s sorted, then that’s great. Well done!

If it’s a bigger goal, ask yourself the questions again and take the next step towards your goal.

And repeat – until you’re either where you want to be or you’ve gathered enough momentum.

If you want someone to be accountable to, book a free 45 minute introductory call with me here, tell me what it is your putting off, we can talk it through and get you started.

I’ll be your accountability partner for that task.

Don’t hesitate – let’s get going!