Making Space

Making space - green fields and blue skies

Making Space

I seem to have spent the last few months sorting stuff out, making space. 

I’ve been sorting clothes, household stuff, paperwork and general clutter.  I’ve found things that I don’t need anymore and other things that need to find their rightful place.

I would say I’m pretty minimalist.  I don’t collect much.  Or so I thought.  I could never move quickly or make a quick escape anywhere – let’s just leave it at that!

The whole process of sorting has made me look at other things I’ve collected along the way too.

Clearing the decks

Things like routines, habits, beliefs, and stories I tell myself.  Some are really outdated.

Why do I carry on doing things that I don’t enjoy, that are no longer serving me?

It’s a bit like a jacket that doesn’t fit any more.  It looked good last year but now it’s not comfortable and it’s time to let it go.

Or it might have fitted properly in the first place.

Google’s definition of ‘clearing the decks’ is “to prepare for an event or course of action by dealing with anything that might hinder progress”.

I’ve been hindering myself.

making space - pots of used paint brushes

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about Marie Kondo.  If you’ve missed all the hype and you haven’t read her book or watched the Netflix series then they are both worth a look.

Marie talks my language you see (I don’t mean Japanese).  I’ve spoken before about finding my joy and Marie’s definition of identifying things that ‘spark joy” definitely resonates with me. 

Making space also gives a better sense of perspective.

Finding treasures :

By sorting things out (whether it’s your pantry, your wardrobe, or your thoughts) you start to see what you’ve got, and what’s missing.

I’ve found a few cobwebs along the way which I’ve needed to dismantle.  There are a few dusty corners that I haven’t looked in for a while which I’ve needed to sweep out.  

I’ve also had some lovely surprises when I’ve found something I’d forgotten I’d got.   

Like a lovely ring I bought on my travels a couple of years ago.  It’s bright blue turquoise, and makes me smile and reminds me of fabulous Santa Fe skies.

Or rediscovering my quiet morning routine and weekend afternoon naps.  

When you get rid of things that no longer serve you, you make room for things that you do want in your life.  

And the treasure shines even brighter.  

Are you hindering yourself?

Could you move quickly if you had to?

Or are you weighed down with outdated routines, habits, beliefs and thoughts.

Are there things that you need to get out of the cupboard to take a good look at?

Is there something that’s outdated that you need to let go?

How can you make space for other things to come into your life?

What’s in your forgotten corner?

What gems have you got stored away that need to be bought into the light?

How coaching can help

Coaching can shine a light into those cupboards, corners and nooks and crannies that you haven’t looked into for a while.  

It can help you dispose of those thing you don’t need any more.

Coaching can help you (re)discover your treasures.

If you’d like to know more about coaching with me then you can book a call here.

You get 30 minutes of my time for free – I love a bit of decluttering – let’s go on a treasure hunt!

What are you waiting for?