What are you assuming?

What are you assuming?

Making assumptions : Have you heard the saying :

“When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME”?

We all make assumptions about what other people think or what their reactions might be.

Over the past week or so I’ve been noticing what assumptions come up for me and the people I’ve been speaking to – here’s a few

They won’t be interested
They won’t think I have the experience
They won’t understand
They won’t like me
They won’t listen
I bet they’ll think I’m too old

Do you ever play out a conversation with yourself, without actually having the conversation with the other person?

“I’ll say this and they’ll say that, and then I’ll say that…….”

Do you jump to conclusions about what the outcome of a discussion might be and decide it’s not worth having the discussion?

It can be all too easy to do this. It means we don’t actually have to do anything. We don’t have to ask the question or take action. We can stay safe, in our comfort zone.

But it keeps us stuck, unable to move anywhere.

If you don’t ask you’ll never know – about the pay rise, the promotion, other opportunities, how someone feels about you.

If you don’t have the conversation you won’t know what the outcome might be – the real outcome that is – not the one you’ve run through in your head.

If you make assumptions you don’t give the other person the opportunity to know what you want to ask them or say to them.  You’re not giving them the opportunity to think or respond for themselves.

Your imagined response can even affect how you feel about that person or situation.

If you ask a question or have the conversation (with a real person) and the outcome isn’t what you would have liked at least you know the real version of events – not the one you’ve made up in your head.  You can deal with it and move on.

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