How to find the right Coach for you

How to find the right Coach for you

There are a lot of Coaches out there. A google search will tell you that. So how do you find the right Coach for you?

What do you want coaching to help with?

Is it life, career, business, redundancy, work life balance, something else, or a mixture of a few things. (This isn’t unusual)

How do you want to work with a Coach?

Face to face – in which case you’ll be looking for someone relatively local to you. (Update – although difficult in 2020 due to social distancing measures).

Or online (usually Skype or Zoom) – which opens the search up to Coaches working anywhere in any timezone.

Or on the phone.

You can search for Coaches on Google. If you’re looking for “Life Coaching in (location)” you can be quite specific about your search.

You can also find Coaches on Social Media.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are all regular hangouts for Coaches.

You can also search Coaching Directories.

Or you could ask around your own networks. Personal recommendations are great!

You might want to spend a bit of time researching different Coaches and types of coaching. You might “follow” a few Coaches for a while on social media to see what they talk about. Are they someone you think you could work with and talk to?

Or you might go with your gut instinct.

Either way I’d suggest drawing up a shortlist of 3 coaches (more if you like) and speak to each of them.

Most coaches will offer a free introductory / discover call. Make use of it.

The Coach should ask about you, and why you are looking for Coaching. They should be checking things out to make sure they are in a position to help you.

But it’s also an opportunity for you to check things out with the Coach too.

Things like :

How would the Coach describe their coaching approach?

Is that how you want to work and what you’re looking for?

Does the Coach offer support between sessions?

If you’d like contact between coaching sessions either by email, text or phone then make sure the Coach offers this.

When does the Coach offer sessions?

Make sure the Coach offers coaching at a time that’s good for you. So, if you’re an early bird and would like coaching before you head off to work – then make sure the coach offers sessions at that time.

Does the Coach offer single or blocks of sessions?

Some Coaches will offer single coaching sessions but others offer coaching packages or programmes.

What does the Coach charge?

Not all Coaches put their fees on their websites and you might need to wait until the call to find out what they charge.

What’s the Coach’s background?

Ask the Coach about their own background and what their journey to coaching has been.

Does the Coach have a coaching qualification?

Not all Coaches do.

Have they worked with clients similar to you before?  

If they have then you can ask how they helped those clients.

Be open with each Coach that you’re speaking to other Coaches before you make a decision who you want to work with.

It shows you’re serious about coaching and Coaches love clients who are committed to making a change.

And give feedback to the Coaches that you don’t choose to work with. Feedback is a gift after all.

When you’ve found yourself a Coach,  read about how to get the most of out your coaching sessions here

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Resources : 

You can search for qualified coaches (including me), coaching areas and locations on the Life Coach Directory.