Are you single minded?

Single minded - focus written on back of hand

Are you single minded?

Do you focus on yourself?

If you want to do something – do you do it no matter what?

Some people have a laser focus. 

What they are doing is what get’s done. 

And other people have to fit around them. 

Is that you?

Single minded - focus written on back of hand

Or do you put everyone else’s needs before your own?

Perhaps you decide you’d like to get fit, eat more healthily, give up alcohol, start a new hobby, get up at 5 a.m. to meditate every morning, change career, do a challenge or just do something differently.


You’re worried about rocking the boat.  

You might disturb the equilibrium.  

You think about how it will affect other people.  

You’re bothered about what people will think.  

You would need to put yourself at centre stage and you’re not used to that, you’re more used to being the support act.  

So you talk yourself out of it or put it off until later.

rowing boat on edge of sea - focus on yourself

Let’s think about why you might not do that thing and put your needs first.  

Well, it let’s you off the hook to start with.  You’ve got an excuse for not doing it.  

It means you’ll have to explain yourself and say what you want – and you’re not used to that.

You’re worried that people will scoff.

So what can you do about it.

Make a start

Be singleminded about something you want to do and follow it through.

Start small if you want, or go mega!

It can be anything from setting aside some time every day to read a book, to planning a cycle challenge across a Continent or something in between.

Make a list of things that might get in your way and be ready to deal with them upfront so you don’t get derailed.  

If you start to talk yourself out of it, ask yourself why.

Is it something you really want to do?

How important is it to you?

Are you doing it for yourself or someone else?

What difference will it make to you if you achieve it?  

How will it make you feel?

What will happen if you don’t persist?

And how would that make you feel?

Be determined! 

Be resolute!

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