Asking for help (and why you should)

Asking for help (and why you should)

I’ve not always been great at asking for help. I’m much better than I used to be. I used to think it was easier just to get on with things myself.

I now know it isn’t!

We all need help sometimes. Other people can help, and (I’ve found) more often than not will be happy to.

You might need help with something that’s technical – like knowing how to work something at home, or how to do something in your business or at work.

You might need help with something practical, like jobs in the house, or help with the kids in the holidays or caring responsibilities for elderly relatives

Be specific

Whether it’s help from colleagues, friends, neighbours or relatives that you need – try to be specific about what help you need and by when.

Do you need someone to show you how to do something, or do you want them to do it for you?

Don’t try and second guess the answer

I’ve talked myself out of asking for help many times because I’ve decided that someone would be too busy or wouldn’t want to help. Give someone the chance to answer for themselves.

Why should you ask for help when you need it?

Asking for help shows courage, strength and determination.

It saves you time.

It moves you forward.

It stops you procrastinating.

It also makes the helper feel great. (Have you helped someone? How great does it feel to help?)

How can Coaching help?

If you want help with your life, work or business you might not be able to be specific about what it is you want help with.

Coaching lets you get to know yourself better, or find yourself again if you feel you’ve lost your way. It helps you find your purpose, set your goals and learn how to make things happen.

Check out my FAQs to find out the difference between coaching, counselling and therapy

Is there one thing that you’d really like help with at the moment?

Who are you going to ask for help?

If you want to know if I can help you then just ask – I offer a free introductory call, no obligation, book it now here