The Coaching Wheel

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The Coaching Wheel

It’s amazing what you can do with a circle drawn on a sheet of paper – otherwise known as the coaching wheel.

If you divide that circle into 8 segments it can tell you a lot of about your life, your work, or both.

This is an exercise I do with a lot of people I work with. 

Clients often come to coaching wanting to work on something specific in their life or work.  It can be difficult to work on one thing in isolation.

We all know that our work is impacted by life, and vice versa.  And that life can be complicated. 

We often juggle and wear lots of hats.

So how do we make sense of it?

Well, get a sheet of paper.

Draw a circle big enough to divide into eight segments.

Ask yourself what eight areas of your life* (or work**) are important to you?

(Don’t worry if you can’t think of eight straight away – work with what you’ve got to start with)

Score each segment out of 10 for satisfaction (with 10 being very, very, satisfied)

Now you’ve got your wheel of life (or work).

What occurs to you when you look at your wheel?

Any surprises?

Which segment needs work?

Which segment could you work on which would make the most difference to you?

What could you change with little effort?

There are often surprises along the way.  

You might notice an area that’s really important to you but you are neglecting completely. 

If you want to discuss your coaching wheel or want to talk through how to make changes then get in touch.  

You get 30 minutes of my time. 

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*There’s no right and wrong to the segments in your wheel.  Everyone’s wheel will look different.  But as an example your wheel of life segments might be something like : money, work, family, friends, relationship, health, travel, learning.


** Wheel of work segments might be something like : challenge of role, level of responsibility, support, pay / reward, length of commute, career prospects, relationships with colleagues, recognition.

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