Slow mornings and thinking …..

Slow mornings and thinking …..

I’ve decided slow mornings are my thing. It’s when I do my best thinking.

Not in my office, in front of the computer, or sitting at my desk. I’ve never done by best thinking there.

I used to get ideas, inspiration, solutions when I was driving to work. Now I work from home it happens when I’m pottering about.

I like to potter.

Make breakfast, tidy up, make the bed, get ready for the day. But not in a hurry.

The years of having to be present at a set time in an office are ingrained in me. So I’ve been feeling guilty lately if I’m not sitting at my desk – even though I don’t have to please anyone but myself these days.

I might be pottering – but I’m also “at work”in a different way.

Unless I’ve got a meeting or appointment, or I’ve arranged to speak to a client, my early mornings will be slow. I’m making it a necessity. I’ll still be working though. Letting my mind drift here and there.

So I’m giving myself permission to make the first part of my mornings slow whenever I can.

The second half of the morning and the afternoon are my best time for getting things done.

How and when do you work at your best?

Are you able to give yourself permission to do that?