How do you make decisions?

How do you make decisions?

What sort of decision maker are you?  

Do you make a decision with your head, your heart or do you go with a gut feeling?  

If I’ve got a big decision to make I usually think about it for a while –  I mull things over and make decisions with my head but I also get a gut feeling about something.  

When I’ve made a decision I act quickly and I don’t usually look back.

What about you?

If you want to change your car, do you do all the research, look at different models, compare fuel consumption, performance, that sort of thing?

Or do you just spot a car on a garage forecourt and think – I’ll have that one.

How do you decide if a new job is right for you?  

Do you rely on the job description, the salary and benefits?  

Or do you want to get a feel of the organisation, what the values are, speak to the Manager and the team to see if you’d be happy working with them?

Do you consider what will happen if you don’t do something, as well as what will happen if you do?  

Sometimes the impact of not doing something can have as big an impact as doing it.

It can help to know what sort of decision maker you are.  

Are you heart driven?  Do you jump in and think about it later?

Are you head driven?  Do you get stuck in deliberation mode?  Does that mean you don’t make a decision?  In which case, how can you find the courage to move beyond your comfort zone into action?

It’s also helpful to think about what decisions have worked for you in the past?

And what decisions didn’t work out so well?

In 5 years time what decision will you be glad you made now?

If you’ve got a decision to make, feel stuck in deliberation mode, or feel like you’ve jumped in too quickly and need to find an escape route – then get in touch to find out how coaching can help.

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