How are you feeling?

describing feelings

How are you feeling?

It’s definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster over the past few years.  We’ve all experienced a whole gamut of feelings.  Some familiar, some new.  

How good are you at describing feelings?

Can you say how you feel right now?  I mean how you really feel?    

A few years ago a coach asked me to describe how I was feeling.  It became a bit awkward.  Those words just weren’t part of my vocabulary at the time.  And I confess that I went away and did a google search after the session so I’d be ready next time she asked me.  

But it wasn’t as easy as that.  I had to work hard to bring the feelings and the words that described them into my awareness.  

At times I still struggle to say how I’m feeling.  I can name the feelings and recognise when they are happening, but saying them out loud is a different matter.  Perhaps I’ll say I’m fine, or I’m o.k. 

And perhaps I am.  But I might not be.

Do you edit your reply when you’re asked?  Does it depend who is asking?  Do you wonder if they really want to know or are they just being polite?

Perhaps you don’t want to say because it feels vulnerable.

I sometimes give the game away by pulling a face or sighing.  And if someone really wants to know the answer they might pick up on that.

How about you? 

Could you describe how you feel right now?

Pause and think about it for a minute. 

Sometimes it’s easier not to stick to the usual “feeling” words.  Some people find it easier to make up a word or a sound instead.

Get into the habit of stopping to ask yourself how you’re feeling.  

Notice those feelings. 

Catch hold of them for a minute.  

Turn them over in your hand and take a good look at them.  

There’s nothing to be afraid of here.  

As Mooji says “Feelings are just visitors.  Let them come and go”.  

I’ve found that writing down how I’m feeling really works for me. 

It helps to keep things in perspective.  

Describing feelings is still a work in progress for me.

How about you?

So, how are you really feeling?

I’d really like to hear how you’re doing.

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