How to declutter your mind

Decluttering your mind - blank page of paper

How to declutter your mind

Declutter your mind – if you’ve got something on your mind do you ever write it down?

If not, give it a go.

Let me explain what I mean.

Do you have times when things don’t feel right, everything feels like hard work, your head is spinning or you feel like you’re carrying round a heavy weight?

It can help to get those feelings and thoughts out of your head – somewhere where you can see them.

Sit quietly

Find somewhere to sit quietly, with pen and paper and just write (or draw) what comes into your mind, it can be sentences, words, or sketches, whatever works for you.  

It can be surprising what comes up if you let your mind go wherever it wants to.

Sometimes it shows up what’s really at the root of how you’re feeling – here’s some examples that I’ve heard from clients I’ve worked with (and some of my own too) 

What shows up when you declutter your mind?

“I just feel like I’m waiting all the time for something to happen, for someone else to decide”

“I’m not putting myself first”

“I need to sort myself out”

“I’ve lost my confidence”

“I’m a failure” 

“I feel like a fraud”

Once it’s out there (on paper) you can see how a thought or feeling looks in the light of day; whether it’s true or false; and what can you do about it.

Ask yourself a question

Another way to approach it is to focus on one thing and channel your thoughts and feelings about that.  

It can help to repeat the same question to yourself.

The other day I did this exercise for something I wanted to achieve and asked myself the same question (“How can I do that”?) eight times before I got to the answer that I needed to hear.

It’s so simple, you can use it in so many ways.  

The only stipulation is that you need to get it on paper – otherwise it just stays as a jumble in your head.

You can use this for thinking about anything.

It can be great preparation for a coaching session.

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