Business and Career Goals

Business and Career Goals

Getting to the start line : This time of the year lots of runners have started training for Spring Marathons. They’ll have set their goals; know what days to run each week; how far and how fast they should be running; what core or strength work they need to do; when they should be resting; what to eat.

They’ll probably look for some resources to help them. New running shoes, a watch that tracks miles and routes, a belt to carry their phone, a water bottle so they can keep them hydrated. They might ask for help from a personal trainer or sports physio.

They’ll have a target in mind. It might be to finish it, run all the way or finish the marathon in a certain time – perhaps aiming for a personal best.

It’s serious stuff!

How do you get ready to deliver your best in your business or career?

If you’ve got a goal you want to achieve in your business or career by the Spring, have you started planning for it now?

Have you thought about what you need to do each week to get you there?

How you will map your progress to know you’re on track?

Do you know what muscles you need to build? (Think along the lines of resilience, tenacity, determination, self-belief)

Have you thought about the resources you might need to help you?

Do you build in time to rest and recuperate?

Do you get enough sleep and eat properly?

Have you thought about what might get in the way?

Some marathon plans can fall by the wayside. It happens. Life can get in the way.

How can you do your best to make sure your business or career goals don’t go the same way?

Marathon training can be lonely. There are other runners or running clubs that will support and motivate you – but you have to look for them – and you still have to put in the hard work yourself.

How can you make sure you don’t feel lonely in your business or career?

Who do you turn to for support and motivation?

Who will keep you on track – make sure you get to the start line?

Having a Coach in your corner can help you plan, be realistic, keep you accountable and spot the distractions before they happen.

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