Are you investing in yourself?

Are you investing in yourself?

What does investing in yourself mean?

Well it probably means different things to different people.  

The word “invest”  implies that money or finances are involved – but there are lots of other ways you can invest in yourself, so let’s start there – here’s some ideas : 

You can spend time on yourself.

You can take the time to do something you want to do – it could be anything – read a book, meet up with friends, learn something new, get creative.  

You can look after your mental and physical health.

You can exercise, eat healthily, get out in the fresh air, find someone to talk to when something is bothering you.

You can be kind to yourself.

You could try not being so hard on yourself; treat yourself with some compassion and respect once in a while.

You can put yourself first (sometimes at least).

You’ve probably got a lot of demands on your time and attention from home and work – but sometimes you just have to say no.

There might be money involved.

Perhaps there’s something you want to learn, a course you’d like to do, or a piece of equipment you need for a hobby that’s important to you – and that’s how you want to invest in yourself.

But if you’re not investing in yourself – what’s that about?

You think you don’t have the time, (or the money) or both.

You put everyone else’s needs before your own.

You feel you’re at the end of a very long queue, and you’re not the priority.

You don’t think you’re worth it – you don’t deserve to invest in yourself.

BUT – and here’s the thing –


So how could you start investing in yourself today?

If you’re not investing in yourself, what are you investing in, and is that working for you?

Any investment should (ideally) show a return.

So if you invest in yourself what could you get out of it?  It may pay dividends!

Likewise underinvestment has an outcome too and it’s not a particularly happy or healthy one.

Coaching can be an investment of time and money but mostly it’s about putting yourself first.

If you’d like to know more about what coaching with me would be like then you can book a call here.

You get 45 minutes of my time for free – a first step to investing in yourself – what are you waiting for?

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