Hesitating about coaching : A bridge to cross


Are you hesitating about coaching?

Shall I, shan’t I?

By the time people get around to talking to me about coaching they’ve often been thinking about it for a while. They tell me they’ve checked my website a few times, perhaps thought about booking a call, only to put it off and come back and look again weeks or even months later. 

Meanwhile they might search the internet, buy a few self-help books or try and speak to family or friends about how they’re feeling. More importantly, what they also tell me is that they wished they’d got in touch sooner. 

You will book a call when the time is right for you.   But you might have a question you want to ask, or something that’s holding you back or getting in the way.  The people I’ve already worked with have shared the questions they had before they worked with me. I’m guessing that your questions might not be too different. 

If you want to ask me a question directly I’d be delighted to answer in person.  You can book a free call with me or you can drop me an email. ([email protected])

If you have a different question that would be great.  I can add it to the list! 

Strike while the iron’s hot, as they say. 

Coaching changed my life.  It could do the same for you. 


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