Adapting to change

Something needs to change

Adapting to change

I’m ok with adapting to change.  I like to chop and change things around a bit.  I enjoy new routines and challenges.  Change often brings new opportunities.  But I also like to be involved in, or at the very least have an opportunity to shape, the change.

Recently we’ve all had change thrust upon us – quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  The way we live, work, school our children and move around each other has been turned on it’s head.  The rules have changed for all of us.

How do we adapt to change when it’s so sudden and there’s little opportunity to influence the shape of it

First of all we can recognise what is working well for us in the change.

If you are an introvert (like me) staying at home might not be a big deal. 

I like quiet and I’m enjoying having even more time to stop and think without feeling that I ‘should’ be going out.

If you’re an extrovert you might enjoy all the online get togethers, pub quizzes, fitness classes and the like.  Some people seem to be having a better social life without even leaving the house.

I’m appreciating my house, my garden and my home office.  And the sunshine! I’ve heard people saying that they are ‘better off’.  They aren’t spending as much money because they aren’t going out.  (Although I know for other people money is a big worry just now).

If you usually have a long commute you might be enjoying reclaiming the hours in the day usually spent driving or on the train.  And perhaps enjoying a bit of extra time in bed in the morning.

Next you can look at what you can influence in the change.

We all have different starting points to influence the change.  You might be a key worker, have kids at home who need home schooling, or you might live alone.  But whatever your starting point there will be things that you can influence.  

I’m at home with my husband.  I’m still working – coaching online or on the phone.  I can choose what time I get up in the morning, the structure of my days, how I exercise, how I keep in touch with family, what I eat.  I can try to keep myself safe.

Finally acknowledge what you can’t influence in the change 

I find the saying “we are where we are” a bit annoying.  But there’s a truth in it and sometimes we just have to acknowledge the things we can’t do anything about.  It’s the first step to acceptance.  Not capitulation.  I don’t mean that.  But sometimes things are out of our reach of influence.

Again, it will be different for everyone but for instance I can’t influence the timeline for the lockdown or what happens next.  I really want to know the end date  but I know it’s not possible to know that at the moment so rather than get frustrated about it I’m taking it day by day.

Getting an online shopping delivery (or self raising flour) seems beyond my sphere of influence too – for me and lots of other people!  (Instead I’ll make the best of what I’ve got.)

The hardest one for me in adapting to change this time around is acknowledging that I can’t keep everyone safe.  But I have to accept that and focus on what I am able to control and influence.

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